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EEH Becomes Leading Mobile Grandstand Supplier in Europe.

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

On the 2nd of July & 1st August 2018 Event Equipment Hire acquired 2 Mobile Grandstands Companies making giving them a total of 2500 temporary grandstand seats supplied from 3 regional depots covering 90% of the UK in under 4 hours of driving time.

Grandstands Joined the EEH fleet in 2016 with our 90 and 130 seat small trailer units, in 2018 we acquired the 3 new sizes of articulated trailer mounted units 150, 160 and 181 seats giving us a total of 2500 seats available in our hire fleet total.

These units can all be built within 2 hours meaning you could build an entire Arena in just a morning saving you and your event time and setup time and security costs.

The unique engineering behind all of our stands mean these impressive structures can withstand up to 80KM winds, 10cm of snow on the roof and the test of time.


The small trailer units are constructed with aerospace grade aluminium, the units are lightweight and easily positioned through the use of a 4x4 vehicle into busy cityscapes, inside exhibition venues including Birmingham’s NEC and off road alike where many heavy trucks are not permitted.#Eventprofs #EventEquipmentHire #EventProffesionals #MobileArena #Grandstands #WeGoAnywhere

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