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Who are EEH and what do they do?

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Event Equipment Hire, based in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Mobile Trailer Stages, Mobile LED Screens, Mobile Grandstand Seating and Marquees to name just a few of our services.

Have a look at our home..(Link to google map pin)

A Bit About us;

Run by a young and vibrant team, Event Equipment Hire, known as EEH for short are ready to help you with anything you need when running and organising an Event. Our office team Phil, Leann, Amy and Rittian work together like a well oiled machine, focusing all of their energy into helping our fabulous customers to organise their events. When you contact EEH, either via email or by phone, these are the guys you would speak to and liaise with for every aspect of your journey with us.

Our fantastic site teams, who install the trailer stage units, operate the mobile LED screens, erect and dress the marquees and construct a comfortable Grandstand seating for your event, are the face of the company who get the chance to meet our lovely clients out in the field! With expert knowledge and a fantastic “Can do” attitude, nothing is ever to much for these chaps!


I think the question really should be..” WHAT CAN’T EEH DO?”

A question we get asked all of the time, when people have come us across us from a simple google search, which usually results in people being surprised at just what we can actually do!.

Our Big Screens can be used in a million different ways, especially to add the “ WOW Factor” to an event. From being a digital advertising screen to market or promote an event, to live streaming or broadcasting some of the world’s famous sporting activities, the screens are a simple but very effective tool. They enable you to increase audience sizes with viewing distances

We are not just a Trailer stage provider, we are the stage providers who take time to ensure that every question is answered; What size stage do I need? Is your trailer stage quick to install? We have a tight access area…can you help?

With three different size stages to offer (take a look) all of which can be negotiated into tight spots, built within two hours and branded to shout about your event. We are one of the very few companies who can get a stage unit into pretty much any location.

The latest additions which have facilitated our expansion into more regional depots of EEH; is the mobile Grandstand seating units. Able to accommodate over 2000 people in a covered seating unit, The Grandstands are a quick and easy method of building an auditorium viewing area at any venue.

Between the 15 trailers of tiered seating we have a number of different options to offer to you. This could be a small seating unit for a production or VIP Seating area at an event, to a full seated music festival giving every ticket holder a comfortable space to watch the magic of your event unfold.

How Can I find out more?...

Finding out more about us is a really easy thing to do…

You can follow this link to our website and live chat with Phil, Leann or Amy in the office..

Send us an email with all of your questions on to

Pick up the phone and talk to us directly – 01422 200960

We are also on all social media platforms, Give us thumbs up or send us a tweet and we will come back to you with answers to all of your questions.

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