LED Screen Manual


First thing is to make sure you have the correct gear for the job you are doing read the job sheet.

Connecting vehicle to trailer

Reverse vehicle to trailer hitch and connect, safety chain, electrics . Disengage handbrake. Open side door of generator, check diesel level. If low please fill up (remembering to take correct amount for job), turn generator on by (opening control panel turn key to manual allow lights to go out and press the start button.  walk around trailer and turn screen on by opening the side box. (side with screen showing), opening the waterproof box flicking Power switch on Kramer to on, after few seconds the screen should show the Kramer logo.  If all correct then turn generator off by turning key to off (on generator). if not all correct please refer to the troubleshoot section.

return to doing vehicle / trailer checks . Place tacho card into tacho machine located in glovebox of vehicle go to rear of trailor and apply reg plate and fill in you vehicle app as required.



You can only drive for 4.5 h then need to take 45min break then 4.5h then need to stop. Any further info on this please ask a member of staff or google.

Once arrived at job

Liaise with client for positioning, once in place before leaving vehicle check that tacho has gone to rest,


Set up


Apply handbrake on trailer, Disconnect electrics, safety chain and remove Licence Plate. Turn generator on lower hydraulic legs with wood pads (found in opposite box) levelling the trailer deck. To lower the legs use controller (found in box ) press up and move the corresponding lever (located to the right of the box) one for each leg.

Lifting and rotating screen

Before lifting of screen there are two pins located at bottom of the screen these need removing, There is a control remote (same place as Kramer box) this will either have 4 buttons up, down, in and out or two buttons up and down. The remote with four buttons up raises screen down lowers it, in and out rotates it,

 The screen should be live now. Depending on what job you are doing as to what you need to connect (see appropriate Section)

The selected input will be illuminated red.

If at any point you wish to freeze the screen for whatever reason there is a designated freeze button located on  the right of the kramer



Kramer unit input

4 x universal connections (red-white-yellow phono)

2 x VGA (analogue picture (blue))

2 x HDMI (high definition multimedia interface)

2 x 2.5 audio jack

Kramer unit output

1 X HDMI (high definition multimedia interface)


1 X Phono (red and white)

All of the cables you need to connect have a coupler cable if required in the loom which is located at the front of the main box or in the netting of the front case


Connections IN

IN 1 -  Dvd player should be connected to universal 1 via 3 x phono cable(red white yellow) it will be labelled. Audio (red white should be universal 1 audio in.

IN 2 -  Composite Video

IN 3 -  Composite Video

IN 4 - Composite Video

HDMI 1 - cable into loom for connection.

HDMI 2 - will be labelled up as sdi( serial digital input) This is the blackmagic HDMI to sdi converter which has 3 x BNC Connections  2x in and 1 x out, on the showing side this is for linking multiple screens or connecting a vision mixer or HDMI to sdi if your laptop is a fair distance away max 60m.

UXGA 1 - cable into loom for connection


USB – for the displaying of JPEG’s (not a lot of control and NO audio)

Connections OUT

PHONO - Amp is connected to kramer out via phono output (phono to xlr), Speakers when asked for specifically should be connected via one channel of the amp and connected to the speakon coupler (there should be 2 of these in the loom channel A or B)

HDMI – HDMI to DVI cable goes to sender box

VGA –  for connection in LOOM


Showing a DVD.

DVD PLAYER sony dvd player with remote is a standard player.

On the Kramer select “DVD”

 Using either the buttons on the front or the remote, you can now set the DVD playing.

The DVD is connected to the Kramer via scart to composite

The DVD should now be displayed on the big screen.

Its always worth using brand new dvds on public events, scratched DVDs will always cause you problems. Where possible try ripping DVD’s to solid state and play them using the onboard software or via an external laptop VGA +Audio or HDMI connection.



Dish /aerial to be placed ontop of Tripod, use signal finder to locate a signal. SDI/Coax cable to run down to freeview box / sky box if using SDI cable youll need F to SDI adapter.  sky box connect to universal port 2/3/4 (whichever is free) Via Scart to Component. Audio to go to corresponding audio IN ports. The sound Will then run through Kramer and if the sound Technicians want the signal they can take phono out from Kramer to their Desk. (if from phono out on Kramer They will have sound from everything connected)


Connecting Windows Laptop

Laptop needs to connect through HDMI or VGA port. The display needs to be in 16:9 aspect ratio  and 1920 x 1080. (usually HDMI will auto correct to this).

Connecting Camera Directly to Kramer

Camera can connect via sdi into SDI to HDMI Blackmagic box or into bnc connection in loom depending if it’s a digital or analog signal


Connecting Apple Computer (non Windows)

Connecting apple device is possible but you need to strip the HDCP (HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) is a form of Digital Rights Management (DRM). DRM protocols are designed to protect content creators and distributors against piracy. Different companies and industries use different protocols, but the basic premise is the same: DRM locks purchases you make to you and your devices.)

Connect apple devices via VGA or using the lightning to hdmi adapter or a standard hdmi splitter with no guarantee to sucsess.


Changing settings on your laptop so they work on screen


  • Right click on desktop (main home screen with all your icons )

  • Go to display settings ,

  • Resolution settings this needs to be 1920 x 1080

  • Multiple display category there is Duplicate/Extend displays.



  •  go to the apple in the top left hand corner and click

  •  scroll down to system preferences,

  •  open up the display icon,

  • located in bottom right corner is gather windows,

  •  click scaled then select the Resolution 1920 x 1080 ,

  •  move down to refresh rate and select 50 Hertz.


Connecting Vision Mixer (opening Box)

Advertising Clients and some event organisers will ask if you can play, loop and queue different types of media. To do this we recommend using the vision mixing equipment

To set up vision mixing box first connect monitor power and hdmi cable (labelled monitor) and box power labelled accordingly.

Hdmi to monitor is from MultiView HDMI out, (Rear Blackmagic box)

Laptop is powered on and connected to router via RJ45

Router is powered up and connected to laptop and Atem Vision studio rack

KRAMER is powered on (this is for connecting devices other than cameras).

Atem Blackmagic is powered on and connected to KRAMER via HDMI in, connected to Data Video Recorder Multi view HDMI cable and RJ45 (switcher control) to Router,

Date Video / Video Streaming Server is powered on (power light on front green) connected via

sdi in from  Atem Blackmagic

 Multi view sdi out.


To connect to Recorder

(internet web page) type                     

USER :                                                     admin 

PASSWORD :                                           000000


Place hdd or usb dongle into usb slot on front of recorder box, Follow instructions on webpage for recording or live streaming

Sdi to analog converter should be powered on and connected to the receiving feed.

Connecting devices

Camera –

from camera unit – HDMI out to HDMI / SDI converter sdi cable max 60m to  Atem vision studio via IN 3/4/5/6 SDI Connector


Windows Laptop (HDMI) – from device – HDMI out to Atem vision Studio HDMI IN 2/3/4 Port


MacBook Laptop can be added to front HDMI ports (but not to the KRAMER.)


All Laptops Displays need to be 50htz and 1920 x 1080 (MacBook 1080i)

Vision mixing laptop connected via RJ45 open ATEM Television Studio and allow to connect to device,


Atem sound Options

Setting up new Software or connecting new Atem Blackmagic Needs to be done by Jay (setup is complicated)

Program is live on screen at that moment.

Preview is next in line to displayed on live screen

Next Transition needs to be BKGD highlighted

Transition Style is how it fades / changes between screens


Atem Shotcut keys

Enter for Transition (fade Dip etc)

space is for instant change no effects assuming you have them lined up in preview