Position Trailer and unhitch.


Disconnect all electric and brake away connections to tow vehicle.

Move vehicle out of the way



Power up the generator by turning the key to manual wait for lights to go out and press start

make sure all RCB switches are on.



In the box under traler there is one of two yellow remotes, the one with two buttons press up and the corresponding levers to the right of the bow the appropriate direction (up or down) to lift or lower the hydraulic legs. making sure they sit on wooden pads which are located in the opposite box.

hydraulic legs


After leveled undo pins located on each side of screen by removing r-clips and bars just allowing them to sit on deck.

removing pins


lift screen by the yellow remote that has four buttons up,down,in,out

please dont spin the screen 360° in one direction as you'll damage the cat5 cable.

Lifting screen


In the box under trailer there is a big black box open the front to find a scaler (Kramer) DVD, amp, sender box, blackmagic converter.

a loom of cables compromised of HDMI cables, VGA cables, bnc, phono.

depending on what you need.

connecting inputs


There is a wind meter fitted to the top of the screen and the readout display is located at the bottom of the mast,

just make the client aware of this and the wind ratings are on the sign off sheets.

Wind Meter